Its likely that most motorcyclists got into riding because of an interest in breaking the rules. After all, the motorcycle is perhaps the greatest American symbol since the cowboy of someone truly living their life to the fullness of their freedom. Its exceedingly unlikely anyone ever took up even the thought of buying a motorcycle while assuming theyd be following all the rules of the road at all times.

Motorcycles are about breaking free, getting away from the confines of life, and expressing yourself in a daring, breathtaking way. And yet, no motorcyclist can ever completely ignore the more dangerous side of riding. Thats part of the charm of the bike, but its also something bikers have to remain aware of as they ride.

Thats why bikers need to come to the forefront of standing up for following the rules of the road. Sure, it takes something away from the charm of riding, but it also keeps every biker safer.

According to the McCutcheon & Sexton Law Firm, a full 20% of bike accidents are because of speeding, and it is usually the other vehicle doing it. What that means is the biker is following the rules, and someone else is breaking them.

That fact right there illustrates why bikers have to become the voice for following the law on the road. As the most rebellious, thrill-seeking group in America, if bikers stood up as one and demanded more drivers of all vehicles follow the rules, it would make a substantial difference.

Bikers as a community could lobby for more expensive speeding tickets or more points per violation. Since bikers are a symbol of being against such demands, it will surely garner a lot of attention and perhaps make a real difference in the law and on the street.

The sad fact is, bikers are by-and-large very responsible with their vehicles, but they are the ones who suffer most because others are not nearly as careful. If it isnt speeding, its vehicles making illegal moves in the intersection or driving unsafely when road conditions are poor.

Bikers already take care of their end of things, but others, who feel safer within their vehicles, dont do the same, and the biker is the one who ends up seriously injured or worse.

To stop that trend, bikers need to band together and sacrifice a bit of the reputation for improvements in how other drivers think of the road and how the police try to keep those roads safe.

While a safer road might remove a little of the mystique around riding a bike, motorcyclists can take consolation from the fact that at least theyll be around to enjoy riding, mystique or not.