Outsourcing has been a huge hit with the recent rise of smaller, independent businesses all around the world. After all, not every start up requires (or can initially afford) in-house workers such as accountants, receptionists, writers, et cetera.

If the business is just starting, local, and doesn’t have the kind of facilities and equipment that these fundamental workers require, it could fall before it even gets up that hill. No one business can scale the ladder with only one or two people at the helms – it needs those important but rudimentary tasks done. The existence of outsourcing businesses allows for those smaller companies to have the necessary work done by professionals without having to make a bigger investment from their capital.

So why outsource with the Philippines? Plenty of nations offer such services but, as of recent, according the website of the Pinoy Partners Outsourcing Center, the Philippines has been gaining a reputation in the outsourcing circle as one of the premiere countries to watch out for in this industry. Why is that?

For one thing, the Philippines has always been a melting pot of different cultures – even before its periods of colonization from the 1500s until the mid-1900s. Abundant in natural resources in its over 7000 islands, this archipelago has been trading and dealing with varying cultures for hundreds – if not thousands – of years. There is archaeological evidence that supports that – and this culture has only continued on, even in the age of industrialization and modernization.

More than that, its reach has expanded not only from countries in the Asia Pacific region but to all the nations of the world. This means that the people of the Philippines are well versed in the cultural differences and attributions of different countries, allowing for there to be some sense of neutrality and camaraderie between the nations. The Filipino people are also known for their hospitality, hardworking nature, and perseverance – which make them one of the most ideal populations to invest in outsourcing. The developing nature of their economy also allows for its services to come at a more affordable rate for the same quality of work as one would get from any western country. And in addition to all reasons listed the Filipino people are quite proficient in the English language.