Why You Need Adequate Sleep

Many people think that sleeping is just not worth it. If a person sleeps, he or she is wasting precious time that can be dedicated to productive activities, such as education or work, or to recreational activities, like sports and video games.

But it can be argued that sleeping is also productive and recreational. It is productive because you are not wasting time, as you are repairing your body from the damages it has sustained all throughout the day. It is recreational because it is a form of rest and relaxation.

There are two main reasons why getting adequate sleep is important. The first one is already stated above – it rejuvenates the body. The second one can be more complicated – it prevents the effects of sleep deprivation.

Your body is not invincible. Like tools, equipment, and machines, it is prone to wear and tear. So, if you do not maintain it properly, it is going to have defects and malfunctions.

Physical Problems

Not getting enough sleep results into physical and mental problems. In the physical aspect, it can result into fatigue and excessive sleepiness during the day. This can compromise your productivity and safety. Your productivity is compromised because you can’t really move adequately when you feel exhausted. Your safety is compromised because you may fall asleep on the worst scenarios, like when you are driving.

Lack of sleep can also result into medical conditions, such as how your exhaustion and lack of physical activity can lead to obesity. Also, according to the website of Silent Night Therapy, untreated sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and even stroke.

Mental Problems

Sleep deprivation can limit your mental capabilities. This is especially true on specific mental aspects, such as alertness and assertiveness, comprehension and concentration, learning and memorization, and reaction time.

Lack of sleep may also lead to psychological issues, including anxiety, depression, and increased irritability. These issues may lead to other behaviors, such as escapist tendencies like overeating and violent tendencies like wanting to start a fight because of increased irritability.

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Breast Reconstruction: What People Don’t Talk About

Recent developments in the fields of medical sciences have allowed for women to detect diseases before they can cause further damage. One such example of pre-emptive medical help is the action that Angelina Jolie took when she underwent certain procedures in order to decrease her chances of acquiring a certain kind of cancer, which was genetic in her case. Jolie went through a mastectomy – the removal of part of her breasts – as a preventive measure. Many women all over the world have also taken the initiative to getting themselves checked, thanks to Jolie’s preemption.

However, there is a lot of stigma that surrounds the idea of a mastectomy. A lot of women pride themselves on their outward appearances and some women even feel that to undergo the procedure would take away parts of their femininity. This doesn’t have to be the case as there is the option of also undergoing breast reconstruction.

After eliminating the possible harmful and cancerous tissue in the breast, there are measures that could allow for women to have their breast reconstructed. There are even options that can allow for the women who have gone through the procedure to dictate the size of their newly reconstructed breast in order to suit their lifestyle and the outward appearance that they want to have. There is a lot of power that many people tend to neglect, in having that control with your life and yourself. Taking preventive measures in order to make sure that you have the least possible chance in contracting a potentially fatal disease is one of the first steps in order to ensure that you can have the long, happy, and fulfilled life that you deserve.

There is also the fact that men can also contract diseases and can also go through this kind of surgery. Therefore, they are just as capable and advised to go through the same preventive measures. It can pay a lot to take care of yourself and give yourself your best chance at having the best life that you can have.

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